Winooski River Sewer Break Incident Response Page: Details

Beginning 9/23, Recycling is accepted at the CSWD Pine St Location. Details available here.

Due to construction, 645 Pine public parking will alternate between entering on Pine St OR on Lakeside.

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Water Resources

Sewer & Stormwater Rehabilitation Projects for 2023

We are preparing for another robust year of sewer and stormwater line improvements and replacements.  This work will include relining and replacing sections of our sewer and stormwater mains, along with replacing manhole covers and installing rain gardens.  We utilize two different methods for sewer and stormwater main rehabilitation: Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) relining and open dig replacement.  Open dig replacement is how these improvements were traditionally done, but we have found CIPP to be more cost effective and less disruptive to property owners and pedestrians.  However, there are times when replacement is the only option, like changing the diameter of the pipe.  

Property owners in these project areas will receive direct notification (i.e., letter or email) prior to the beginning of construction impacts, and the actual property will receive a door hanger 48 hours in advance of the work requiring service interruption.

Replacement Locations Boundary Start Date Impacts  Completion Time
Greene St  Pearl to Hickok  Late Spring 2023  Full Road Closure  TBD
Lakewood Pkwy  Birchwood to #50-Sewer Work  Late Spring 2023  Traffic  TBD
Lakewood Pkwy  All-Final Paving  TBD 2023  Traffic  TBD
North Ave  Derway to Westward  Late Spring 2023  Traffic  TBD
Pine St  Bank to College  Late Spring 2023  Full Road Closure  TBD
Tallwood Ln  All  Late Spring 2023  Traffic  TBD
West Rd  North Ave to #25  Late Spring 2023  Traffic  TBD



Please see Construction Portal for specific work locations.

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