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A searchable list of City assets, items, and equipment available for internal use between Departments. All assets listed can be reserved through the corresponding City employee contact(s) and are organized by tiers (hyperlink tiers to the explanation page), which group assets by how accessible they are for others to use (i.e. lead time required, training needed to use the equipment, etc.) Here is an edit.


A searchable list of spaces available for City use. All spaces listed can be reserved via the corresponding City employee contact(s) and are organized by location, costs associated, hours of operation, capacity, amenities included, etc. 

City Systems

A list of City systems and programs available for internal employee use. This includes accounts and software employees may have access to, internal portals and information readily available for employee use, useful employee items, and benefits, etc. Inquiries for City systems may be made via the corresponding City employee contact(s) listed.

Vendors & Community Partners

A list of city vendors and community partners, organized by the specialty or service they provide and whether they are classified as a city vendor or community partner. City vendors are filed in the City’s New World financial system and provide their services for a set fee. Community partners collaborate with City Departments through mutually beneficial partnerships which may or may not involve the exchange of funds.

Accessibility Resources

A list of accessibility resources available for employee use. Accessibility resources provide assistance to City employees working to have all citizens fully participate in all aspects of their community life. This includes but is not limited to translation and interpretation services, accessible transportation services, ADA technical compliance and community consultation, etc.

Volunteer Resources

A list of local volunteer portals and groups, hosted by the City as well as outside organizations. Volunteer resources may be used to either find volunteers, promote volunteering opportunities, or find volunteer efforts for your Department to be involved in.


Please read the CMS Guide for details on how to use this site or add/edit resources