Requests for Proposals, Bids and Quotes

RFQ - Engineering Services for City of Burlington Outfall Improvement Projects

  • The City of Burlington (“City”) Department of Public Works Water Resources Division issues this Request for Qualifications, seeking qualified engineering firms to assist with condition assessment and engineering tasks associated with the City of Burlington Outfall Improvement Projects (“Projects”). Interested firms should submit Statements of Qualifications (“SOQ”) detailing the firms’ qualifications, technical expertise, management and staffing capabilities, references, and related prior experience. Required professional services will include but are not limited to condition and safety assessment of existing structures (including geotechnical assessments related to overall slope stability), hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, planning, preliminary engineering, design and construction-related services. The proposed Projects may be undertaken using loan financing from the Vermont Clean Water State Revolving Fund (“CWSRF”) and all work shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the CWSRF program and the regulations issued by such agencies and the State of Vermont. The project will utilize EJCDC documents.

    Due Date for Questions: Friday, February 26, 2021

    Due Date for Statement of Qualifications: Friday March 5, 2021 4:00 PM

    RFP Deadline:
    Friday, March 5, 2021

Burlington International Airport - Request for Proposals for Supply and Installation of: Runway 15 – 33 and Runway 1 – 19 Pavement Paint Marking (Painting)

  • Due Date: March 5, 2021 at 2:00pm

    *Please note the addition of the RFP Questions on 2/24/21

    Burlington International Airport is seeking proposals from contractors to supply and install Runway Pavement Markings on the Airports Runways 15 – 33 and 1 - 19 at 1200 Airport Drive, South Burlington, Vermont. All work will have to comply with the attached Airport Signs and Pavement Markings - Overall Signing & Marking Plan, Advisory Circulars 150/5370-10 current edition Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports and 150/5340-1 and/or current edition Airport Markings. For questions, please contact Shelby Losier at

    RFP Deadline:
    Friday, March 5, 2021

Burlington International Airport - Airfield Mill and Overlay Asphalt Repairs

Invitation for Bids - GSI/CSO: South End Retrofits

  • The City of Burlington Department of Public Works (City) is seeing bids for the construction of both surface and subsurface Green Stormwater Infrastructure in the City’s public right-of-way located within the vicinity of Prospect Parkway, South Street, Fairmount Street, and South Prospect Street.  The City is seeking qualified construction teams that can perform all aspects of the retrofit projects including excavation, traffic control, site maintenance, installation of subsurface stormwater infiltration systems, installation of stormwater bioretention systems, installation of subsurface structures, landscaping, installation of curbing and sidewalks, paving restoration, connecting to existing sewers and all other tasks necessary for a complete project in accordance with the contract documents. Contract Drawings accompany these bid documents which depict the proposed work.  

    Questions Due: 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

    Bids Due: 2:00 p.m. on Monday, March 15, 2021

    RFP Deadline:
    Monday, March 15, 2021

NOAA Weather Service Suite Renovation at Burlington International Airport

  • Due Date: March 23, 2021 at 2:00pm

    Burlington International Airport (BTV) is seeking proposals from contractors to complete Renovations, Mechanical, Structural, Control, Fencing and Electrical Upgrades in the NOAA Weather Service Suite Area at the Terminal Building as shown on the project plans and specifications.  

    For questions, please contact Larry Lackey at

    RFP Deadline:
    Tuesday, March 23, 2021