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These web pages allow users to explore various crime and police related topics in the City of Burlington. You can download the raw data tables in csv format from the Raw Data page.

The Mapping and Statistics page contains a map of Burlington showing calls for service, trends for these call types, crime rates based on calls for service, and a heatmap by ward.

The Arrests page contains information on common arrest charges, the arrest-age curve, and the arrest trend over time.

The Domestic Violence page contains information about domestic violence offenses in Burlington. You can look at relationships between victims and offenders, ages of parties involved, genders of parties involved, trends, indicators of drugs, mental health, and alcohol, and whether DCF was notified.

The Quality of Life page contains information on calls for service and tickets similar to the Mapping and Statistics page, but specific to incidents that affect the quality of life in Burlington.

The Traffic Stop page contains a map of Burlington traffic stop incidents, a time and date heatmap, traffic violation trends, and details on reasons for stops.

The Use of Force page contains raw data documenting incidents in Burlington involving an officer use of force that users can download and personally analyze. For more information and an analysis of use of force in Burlington, see the BPD Use of Force Slides on the Special Reports page.

The Citizen Complaints page shows details of complaints lodged by citizens against officers and the complaint status.

The Special Reports page contains links to all internal reports published by the BPD including quarterly and annual crime and conditions reports, diversity and recruitment reports, use of force reports, and other crime or quality of life related reports.

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To use download data tables follow the video below and visit the Raw Data section:

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