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Final DRAFT planBTV: South End Master Plan  (Updated Feburary 2019)

See here for a complete revised draft of the planBTV South End Master Plan, or to browse individual sections or chapters. This version includes updates made by the Planning Commission following public feedback during 2015 and 2016 and during the update to planBTV: Comprehensive Plan in 2018-2019.

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The Planning Commission's Long Range Planning Committe is working to update the draft planBTV South End. The following documents include excerpts of the plan that are underway. 

Draft planBTV South End - June 2015

These are documents related to the draft plan release in June 2015, and comments that were received on the draft through October 2015.


LRPC Updates to Draft Plan- June 2015 through June 2016

The following documents contain excerpts of the June 2015 draft of planBTV South End that the Long Range Planning Committee is working to update. A revised draft of the plan is expected in late spring 2016. For more information see the Get Involved page.


The following materials are summaries, presentations and other links that were created and collected during the community engagement and planning process. To see more details on past events and outcomes from the planning process, see the Get Involved page. 

South End Crawl- Gallery of Smiles & Changes

In November 2014, the planBTV South End team and makers in the South End hosted the South End Crawl. See the community's input from this event:


Community Workshop Presentations & Notes

The following are summaries from the multi-day community workshop in February 2015. 

The following are video recordings from the multi-day community workshop in February 2015.


The following materials are full reports that were prepared as part of the planBTV South End plan development, as well as other plans and studies which have informed the draft planBTV South end. 

planBTV South End- Phase 1 Reports


Related Plans & Studies which provided a Framework for this Plan


Other Project Documents