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Past Events

From arts-based community engagement projects to parties to focus groups, planBTV South End has given a voice to many South Enders and South End enthusiasts! Check out our past events: 

Activities Description Results/Input
Art Hop, Sept. 5, 2014 planBTV South End officially launched at the South End Art Hop in September 2014 with some fun and artsy activities.  See the Photo Gallery from this event

Artists Projects

An Our Town Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts funded 20 artists projects to engage the community in the planning process. The planBTV Arts website has been set up as a virtual gallery of these projects. 

View the "Red Light, Green Light" Summary and the Seeds for SEAD comments

Active Living Workshop, Sept 25-27, 2014 AARP organized a dynamic, interactive workshop with one of the nations leading authorities on walkability and livability, Dan Burden. Through a workshop at Arts Riot and walking tours of the South End, we focused on the efforts of planBTV South End.  See the photo gallery for this event
Artists' Meeting, Oct. 31, 2014 planBTV South End is a creative placemaking project. We met with about 30 artists to discuss what the project means for the district and to brainstorm ways to design creative community engagement in the planning process.  Visit to view the arts-based engagement projects 
South End Crawl, Nov. 21-22, 2014 Artists and prominent manufacturers in the South End opened their doors to give you "Back Stage Access to Inspiring Places." During this rare glimpse into the creative processes in the South End, we collected lots of feedback-and had some fun! We've got lots of photos from the tours, parties and other event in our Photo Gallery! View the SMILES & CHANGES we collected during Crawl. 
Community Meeting, Feb. 5, 2015 We held a community meeting and Q&A with Burlington City Arts, Planning & Zoning, and Public Works to bring folks up to speed on what had been going on with planBTV South End.  See the photo gallery for this event
Community Workshop, Feb. 11-14, 2015 We held this multi-day event in the South End with a variety of large and small discussions on all aspects of planBTV South End. Our team brought three "visions" for the South End for the community to discuss, and we held a series of topical discussions about open space, economic development, the environment, mobility, arts and innovation, and land use. The presentations from the Opening and Closing workshops and the three vision plans are available in the Project Library. Read comments on:  Opening Workshop, Topical Discussions, Vision Plans, Closing Workshop 
SEABA Meting, Mar. 31, 2015 We held a meeting regarding planBTV South End with the South End Arts and Business Association  
King Street Center, May 5, 2015 planBTV South End visited the King Street Center for their May Family Dinner.   
Draft Plan Release Party, Jun. 16-17, 2015 We held two events at Arts Riot to invite the community in for a meal, to hear a presentation on the draft plan, and to provide feedback and ask questions Watch the CCTV Channel 17 recording of this presentation
South End Sessions, Jul-Aug 2015 SEABA, in collaboration with the planBTV South End team, hosted multiple discussions regarding the planBTV South End Draft Plan. All meetings were open to the public, and were structured to present a specific portion or topic of the plan, followed by a Q&A session. We had a session each to cover: economic development, arts/affordability, housing, brownfields/stormwater, and mobility/parks/beaches/connections.   
Public Comments From June to October 2015, the draft planBTV South End was available online and in several locations around the City for public comment. The plan was broken into sections online, so that residents could read and comment on the elements of greatest interest.  See comments submitted online and via email/letter here

LRPC Sessions, Nov 2015 to Present

The Planning Commission's Long Range Planning Committee has been meeting bi-weekly since November 2015 to review each element of the draft plan and recommend changes to the Planning Commission, staff and consulting team. These meetings are open to the public, and typically held in the South End. Everyone is invited to be a part of the discussion about how we shape a revised draft plan.  See upcoming LRPC agendas and minutes from past discussions here.


For questions relating to this project, please contact Meagan Tuttle, Comprehensive Planner, at: OR 865-7193.