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Water Resources

Adding a Tenant or Property Manager to Your Account

Who Can Be Added?

A property owner can request to have the water bill transferred into the name of a tenant or a property manager.  The new party will be added on a secondary, care of line and the property owner's name will remain on as primary billing contact. 

What Properties Are Eligible For Transfer?

Tenants can only be added to properties that have individual water meters for the space being rented and receive a separate bill from us. For example, if a duplex is separately rented but only has one water meter then we do not allow a tenant’s name to be added. This is because that water meter is tracking the cumulative usage for both units and must stay in the property owner’s name.  However, if a duplex is separately meter then we are happy to allow tenants to receive the bill provided the appropriate form is filled out. 

Property Managers can be added to any account regardless of meter status. 

How Do I Get a Final Reading?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a final reading service for tenants.  We will only be able to calculate a final balance using our regular monthly meter readings which occur the first three business days of the month and the bills are generated three times per month on the 19th, 24th and 29th.  If a tenant is moving out mid month then we recommend that a property representative write down the water meter reading on the exit date, so we can calculate a more accurate final tenant balance using that date and meter reading.  Please note, we will not approve a new tenant form until the previous tenant's balance is paid in full.    

Who Is Liable For Unpaid Balances? 

The property owner is ultimately responsible for any unpaid water resources balance, per BCO 31-19.   We do send a courtesy notice to all property owners when their tenant has become $200 or more past due.  If we are unable to secure payment or terminate service then a lien will be filed on the actual real estate supplied with water, per BCO 31-20 (a).  We encourage property owners to verify account status before giving back a security deposit as we do not pursue tenants for the unpaid balance.  Property owners and/or managers are also encouraged to set up online account access so they can monitor account balances as needed.  Instructions for online account access can be found by visiting the My Account page and scrolling down to bill formats.       

Who Can Help Resolve Rental Issues?

Water Resources can only provide information about the the water bill.  If there is a plumbing issue causing a high bill and you are unable to resolve it with your tenant or landlord, please contact the Housing Division within our Permitting & Inspections Department.  They are responsible for inspecting rental housing units, enforcing minimum housing standards, issuing certificates of compliance to landlords, and funding tenant and landlord advocacy services.  

Sign Me Up

The current versions of our tenant and property manager agreement forms can be found by clicking the link below.  The property manager form must be signed by the property owner, and the tenant agreement form must be signed by the property owner unless they have a valid PM form on file.  In addition to the the signatory requirements, we reserve the right to reject outdated, illegible, incomplete or othewise inaccurate form documents.