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Graffiti Removal Team

 The Graffiti Removal Team (GRT) works to stop the deterioration of Burlington's neighborhoods by repairing damage done by property crime.

Although acts of vandalism are often considered low-level crime, the community is greatly affected when the damage is not addressed. Neighborhoods with lots of litter, graffiti, and broken windows start to look run down and feel unsafe. The GRT gives residents and business owners the tools they need to take control and restore neighborhood pride.

Since its inception in 2001, over 1,000 volunteers have significantly decreased the level of visible vandalism within the city and have helped over 500 victims of property crime. Six murals have been painted in commonly "tagged" areas and The GRT's list of community partners has grown to over 40 groups, organizations and businesses. Stay informed about what the GRT is doing in the community on facebook.

In 2004 the GRT won a national "Graffiti Hurts" Award from Keep America Beautiful, Inc. for its innovative response to property crime.

Graffiti Removal Activities Include:

  • Scouting for tags and vandalism: Citizens, victims, Police Officers and business owners can report incidents of vandalism to the GRT by calling our hotline at 865-7548 or emailing Storm Leland, or faxing a report to 865-7117.
  • Repair and clean-up: the GRT has organized regular Saturday morning community clean-ups.
  • Team Leader development: GRT trains offenders and students who need to do community service to lead teams of volunteers on clean-up events.
  • Youth action and service learning: GRT provides quality community service opportunities for youth and school groups. Performing repairs and seeing the direct effect of their work helps everyone take pride in their community. Adopt a Block: GRT recruits volunteers to take on a specific area or street as their "territory." The Adopt A Block Volunteer is given their own graffiti removal kit and asked to clean any new incidents within 48 hours. Experience shows the quicker a graffiti "tag" is removed the less likely it is to return. Adopt A Block has been extremely successful at deterring graffiti in both business and residential areas that have traditionally been overrun with "tags." In addition, it gives frustrated community members an effective means for improving their streets.
  • Mural projects & restorative activities: Mural painting provides the opportunity for volunteers and responsible parties alike to enhance buildings and spaces that are deteriorating or repeatedly "tagged" with graffiti.

For more information, contact:

Storm Leland:  802•865•7548 or