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I'm selling or buying a house, help!

Congratulations!  Burlington is a great city and if you have plans to sell or purchase then there a few things necessary to ensure a smooth transition of service.  It is very common for the Water Resources bill to be included in the items paid at closing but we need to know when that will occur.  The Final Reading Request Form must be completed by the seller or their representative and returned to us for scheduling.  There is a $30.00 fee for this service and it will be added to the final bill.  Unfortunately, if we don’t receive this form then there will be no final bill issued and this can result in confusion over whom owes what through the sale date.  A change in ownership does not absolve the balance and the new owner would inherit any unpaid balances.  We do not require a deposit nor do we report to credit agencies but a delinquent Water Resources bill can result in service termination or a lien being placed on the property.  Please be sure a final reading has been requested, received and paid.       

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