City of Burlington, Vermont City of Burlington, Vermont

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Reinvesting in Burlington

Sustainable Infrastructure Plan In November 2016, Burlington residents voted overwhelmingly in support of two bond measures to reinvest in our city's aging capital and water infrastructure. From drinking water and stormwater to roads, sidewalks and the bike path, and all across the city, we will see vast improvements in our vital infrastructure. The Plan is being implemented so we can benefit from improved infrastructure in the present and to steward our physical and natural resources for future generations.

Reinvestment & Construction A team of city departments, coordinated by the Mayor's office and DPW, has developed this portal. The links below will take you to an interactive map showing all public and private construction projects in the city right of way. Click on any project for additional information. The links on the toolbar to the left will take you to those same projects listed in table-form. 

Use this portal to learn about specific projects, right of way impacts and how public dollars are being used. To get started, please click on one of the maps below or one of the links on the toolbar to the left.

  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION: projects currently under construction
  • 2018: projects in design, under construction or completed construction for 2018 (check back as additional projects will be added prior to the construction season)
  • COMPLETED: projects constructed since the passage of the capital bonds in November 2016
  • ALL: projects proposed, approved, in design, under construction or completed since the passage of the capital bonds in November 2016

Note: These maps do not show routine maintenance activities (street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, hydrant flushing, pothole repairs) or most projects that have less than a one week duration.