Policy and Planning

Transportation planning helps to identify transportation problems and possible solutions. Through transportation planning, we balance the competing demands of transportation customers (citizens and businesses) to achieve a common, financially feasible vision. With such diverse ownership of the transportation system, our goal is to improve coordination of transportation facilities and services as a total system.

The Burlington Transportation Plan provides the long-term vision for Burlington's transportation system. The Transportation Plan was adopted by the City Council at their March 2011 meeting and has been incorporated into the City's Municipal Development Plan. The Transportation Plan and Great Streets philosophy calls out for a different way of doing things, shifting our emphasis on our future transportation choices. Implementation of the plan is already underway, and specific projects can be reviewed through the menu to the left.

As one of its responsibilities, the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee (TEUC) of the City Council studies and makes recommendations on issues concerning all modes of transportation and interrelated development issues. While the TEUC considers policy-level discussions and major street reconfiguration or development, the Public Works Commission oversees the day-to-day implementation of transportation planning projects.