City of Burlington, Vermont

City of Burlington, Vermont

City Hall, 149 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401
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Building & Zoning permits go together most of the time.

Every Zoning Permit issued covering (but not limited to) lot coverage, change of use, exterior changes requires a Building Permit.  When Zoning Permits are not required a building permits (life safety/structural) are always required.  Building permits may not be issued until the Zoning Permit has been "released" to the applicant.   

Note:  Please contact the  Building Inspector's Office at Department of Public Works located on Pine Street and start covering life safety/structural issued connected to your project at the time you start the land use (Zoning) permitting process & procedures.   This will streamline plans review and documentation collection with the objective to issue both permits the same day.    

=> For Zoning (Land-use) permits contact ZONING OFFICE ((802) 865-7188) located on the first level of City Hall located at 149 Church Street, Burlington.  Their office hours are from 8 AM - 4:30 PM M-F., less recognized Federal & State holidays.

=> For construction (life safety/structural) permits contact DPW/ISD OFFICE ((802) 863-9094 X 3) located at 645 Pine Street.  Their office hours are between 8 AM -4:30 PM M-F., less Federal & State recognized holidays.