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March 2019 Update

This is regular update on BTVStat, a performance management system implemented by the Mayor in 2016 to track and improve the City’s operations. Every month, BTVStat brings together City Department Heads to review operational and equity performance metrics for three or more City Departments and discuss how City teams can collectively identify challenges, make operations more transparent, track progress, control costs, and promote accountability, learning, and collaboration.

Highlights from the most recent meeting are outlined below. Additional information on these issues and others are available on the City's BTVStat Dashboard. The dashboard is also being updated and will be replaced by a new portal by July 1, 2019.

Fire Department’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System Driving Efficiency: Since the launch of the new CAD system in August 2018, the Fire Department has seen a 22.8% reduction in unit movements, even with an overall 1.3% increase in calls. This indicates that the system is sending a more appropriate number of units to respond to a call based on risk-level. This improved efficiency ensures more units are in-service and available for emergency response, which will help drive improved outcomes for overall public safety.

The Clerk Treasurer’s (C/T) Office Strives to Increase Diversity among Election Workers: Election Workers play a crucial role on election day. They help direct voters to the right place, set up and break down the polling station, register voters and mark voter participation, hand out ballots, and assist in reporting election results. Being an election worker can be the first step in deciding to run for office and research demonstrates that descriptive representation amongst election builds confidence in the accuracy of elections and the outcomes they produce. Diversity of election workers can contribute to a more welcoming environment for all voters and facilitate confidence in elections.

In 2016, the City provided training sessions to Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election regarding the importance of recruiting a diverse pool of election workers. In addition, C/T Office sent letters to approximately 100 Burlington organizations to explain the role of election workers and encourage those organizations to reach out to their networks to serve as election workers. Information about becoming an election worker was posted on the City’s website and at each polling place in an effort to reach new people and information about voting and being an election worker was presented at several community forums held for New Americans. To reach more youth, C/T partnered with Burlington High School’s Youth Council and National Honors Society to recruit high school students to work at the polls. Unfortunately, despite these efforts diversity among election workers is still not representative of overall demographic composition of Burlington’s registered voters. The Clerk Treasurer’s Office will continue to strive for diversity at the polls and seeks community input on the process. If you or someone you know is interested in working please see Election Workers or call 802-865-7136 for more information.


What is BTVStat?

The BTVStat Initiative was undertaken at the request of the Mayor to ensure achievement of the City’s strategic goals, to assist and then hold Department leadership and staff accountable for the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services delivered to residents, and to provide the tools and resources needed to evaluate and improve City programs and services. The Performance Dashboard includes data about City operations and services, including financial performance, arts and recreation program participation, and street and sidewalk repair. With the Mayor’s focus on data and metrics to determine the City’s success in delivering on its goals, the Dashboard offers the public an opportunity to track the City’s progress, as well as to see new data illuminating the City’s work to provide efficient and effective services.

For more information on BTVStat please contact Carolyn Felix, BTVStat Analyst ( or Brian Lowe, Chief Innovation Officer (