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BTVStat is a performance management program implemented by the Mayor in 2016 to review operational and equity performance metrics for different City Departments, identify challenges, track progress, control costs, and promote accountability, learning and collaboration.


BTVStat is based on CitiStat, a performance program that has been implemented in city and state governments across the country and globe, and follows four key tenets:

  • Accurate and timely information shared by all through collection, analysis and reporting of key data
  • Rapid deployment of resources to address challenges and implement solutions
  • Effective tactics and strategies through regular data, frank discussions and planning
  • Regular follow-up and assessment of activities and achievements

In combination with measurement, Burlington’s program includes a program of continuous improvement, providing staff with training and tools to learn the skills required to evaluate and improve the processes that support the delivery of services for residents. Highlights from each monthly meeting are listed below and key performance metrics are also regularly reported through the BTVStat Dashboard.

What is BTVStat?

The BTVStat Initiative was undertaken at the request of the Mayor to ensure achievement of the City’s strategic goals, to assist and then hold Department leadership and staff accountable for the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services delivered to residents, and to provide the tools and resources needed to evaluate and improve City programs and services. The Performance Dashboard includes data about City operations and services, including financial performance, arts and recreation program participation, and street and sidewalk repair. With the Mayor’s focus on data and metrics to determine the City’s success in delivering on its goals, the Dashboard offers the public an opportunity to track the City’s progress, as well as to see new data illuminating the City’s work to provide efficient and effective services.

For more information on BTVStat please contact Carolyn Felix, BTVStat Analyst ( or Brian Lowe, Chief Innovation Officer (