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Department of Public Works

Slope Stability Reports

Slope Stability Inspection Reports



Purpose & Need:

Throughout the City of Burlington, there exists several steep slopes which are of concern due to their location within the City’s right-of-way, on a City-owned parcel, or adjacent to City property or City-owned infrastructure.  Due to the consequence of failure of these slopes, and potential disruption to City property or infrastructure, DPW Technical Services began a process in 2019 to inspect, monitor and identify prioritized projects as a pro-active maintenance plan to address slope stability issues within the City.



DPW Technical Services contracted with Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, and their subcontractor Terracon, to perform inspections of four slope locations in 2019.  The purpose of this scope of work was to perform visual inspections of the slopes, document existing conditions, and make recommendations for future inspections and future repairs.  This analysis did not include soil borings, soil testing, or design for any necessary repairs.  This effort included inspections of the following slopes during Fall 2019 and Summer 2020: Northshore Natural Area, Manhattan Drive at Route 127 Beltline, Manhattan Drive at North Champlain Street, and Riverside Avenue.


Reports and Recommendations

The results of the slope inspections, including an Executive Summary, are attached for your reference.  Each inspection was documented with:

  • Inspection Summary including Condition, Future Inspection Frequency, and Recommendations.
  • Terracon Site Assessment Report with photos.
  • Hoyle, Tanner Inspection Forms – Drainage, Guardrail/Fence, and Roadwya features.
  • Photolog with site photos and feature GPS coordinates of key features.

The following link is where the full report is located.