Great Streets: St. Paul

PROJECT BACKGROUND The Great Streets Initiative is a culmination of many years of planning and project development to reinvest in our core downtown streets, continue beautifying our streetscape and installing more sustainable infrastructure. The process began with the public vote in March of 2015 to use the City's downtown TIF district to make new investments in the downtown's public infrastructure and to ensure that Burlington has a downtown that is a vibrant, walkable and sustainable urban center. On August 13, 2018, City Council approved the contract to begin work. For information on the overall Great Streets concept, please visit

Here is a copy of the presentation (some of which is likely to change) we shared with local businesses and residents along the impacted St. Paul corridor.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Work will include reconstruction of St Paul from Main to Maple, including the intersections with King and Maple and extend slightly along each side street. The project will work to underground overhead utilities through construction of a new duct bank under the western sidewalk, install new tree infrastructure, sidewalks, tree belts, pervious pavers, stormwater gardens, drainage, curbs and repaving the surface of the road. We will have full time on-site inspection of the work and representation for the City that residents and businesses will be able to reach out to regarding immediate construction concerns.


8/27/18 - Construction Begins

8/27/18-1/2019 - Road closed to all through traffic. King and Maple open with at least East-West pair

1/2019-4/2019 - Road open to through traffic. Southbound until February. Two until April. Parking on segments of street - 3 hour free parking, enforced.

4/2019-8/15/2019 - Complete Construction. Road closed to all through traffic, for part of season.

IMPACTS - tentative

  • Pedestrian Access to Businesses - ALL BUSINESSES OPEN
  • Pedestrian Access to Residences
  • Road closed to all through traffic (local traffic to Stratos and exit to Hilton Garden maintained except for proximate adjacent work)
  • Bicycles need to follow detour signage or walk bicycles through designated pedestrian paths
  • GMT - adjusting routes, please visit

PARKING - tentative

  • No on street parking during full road closure
  • Most parking available through winter construction
  • Some parking available during Spring 2019 construction
  • NEW PARKING AT 194 ST. PAUL STREET GARAGE - jointly managed by the City of Burlington and Champlain College. Enter from King or Maple


  • On adjacent side streets - hand cart to door
  • Temporary loading zone 7AM-4PM added on Main Street, south side, east of St. Paul

ORDER OF WORK - tentative

  • FALL/WINTER 2018
    • Ductbank under west sidewalk
    • Utility vaults and stormwater piping
    • Silva Cells and road subbase/curbing
    • Paving 1st layer
    • Concrete sidewalks - Pervious pavers
    • Utility Relocations
  • SPRING 2019
    • Stormwater gardens
    • Sidewalks and pavers
    • Tree wells & plantings
    • Remove utility poles and finish tree belt
    • Paving 2nd and 3rd layers
    • Pavement markings