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About Ventilation and COVID-19 

As the days are colder, people are spending more time indoors. The ventilation of the spaces that we’re in, especially indoor spaces with people who are not part of our households, is an increasingly important intervention to slow the spread of the virus.

The City of Burlington launched a ventilation grant program in an effort to provide HEPA filtration units to Burlington commercial and non-profit spaces where multiple households may come into contact. This program has concluded and was able to distribute 66 units to 59 unique locations in Burlington.

Since this program concluded, the City of Burlington launched a Ventilation Improvement Program to provide both technical assistance and financial resources for Burlington businesses and non-profits seeking ventilation upgrades in their facilities. The application period has concluded and we will be following up with businesses in the coming weeks. 

Ventilation Improvement Program  

Burlington Electric Department currently is offering a loan program that can be used towards building ventilation upgrades. Small and medium sized businesses in Burlington (with active BED electric accounts) may apply for 0% financing loans to be used for renovations required to reopen safely according to public health guidelines. Certain eligibility criteria may apply.

Commercial Efficiency & Ventilation 0% Loan Program  


The "Swiss Cheese" Defense

One way to think about ventilation is as part of the “Swiss cheese” defense. The image below is based on one created by a University of Queensland virologist and shows how no single intervention may be perfect – but, by layering these interventions we can improve success. Improving the air quality of the spaces we’re in through air cleaning and circulating fresh air is a key layer of the Swiss cheese.  

City’s Ventilation Initiative

  • On October 28, 2020, the City announced an initiative to support good ventilation, which is continuing into early 2021. The initiative has several goals:
    • To continue to make interventions in Burlington buildings to protect employees who need to work in-person and members of the public.
    • Share key information about air quality and distribute to Burlington property owners.
    • To help small businesses, non-profit organizations, and commercial building owners – spaces where people are spending time indoors with people from outside their households – make investments and improve their ventilation systems.

    Informational Webinar on Ventilation



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