Covid 19

Supportive Quarantine Program

The City of Burlington has established a supportive quarantine program for the following individuals coming to Burlington while the Governor’s quarantine order remains in effect:

  • Students living off campus and returning to the University of Vermont (UVM), Champlain College, and other institutions;
  • Individuals who are returning or moving to Burlington for other reasons, including those who travel outside the state for pleasure or holiday travel; and
  • Residents who are asked to quarantine as part of a contact tracing effort related to a positive identification.

The program is open and available to anyone living in Burlington. We also work closely with UVM and Champlain College to complement their own procedures for their students in an effort to keep our community safe. To date, we have worked with hundreds of individuals to support them in their successful self-quarantines.

For those returning or moving to Burlington, please consult the State of Vermont Cross State Travel Map to determine if you are returning from a county with a high percentage of COVID cases. If the county you are originating from is over 400 active cases per million people, you will be required to quarantine by the State order. If you are returning from a county that is light aqua and under 400 active cases per million people, you do not need to quarantine.

What is isolation, quarantine and self-observation?

View the Mayor's briefing at which the Mayor and UVM President Suresh Garimella announced this joint plan.

Individuals returning to Burlington who are required to quarantine must register below for the Supportive Quarantine Program.

Supportive Quarantine Pledge

By registering for this program, individuals are taking the following pledge:

  • I pledge to comply with the Vermont Governor’s quarantine order, and recognize that my actions will help prevent the further spread of the deadly coronavirus and directly contribute to the health and well-being of the Burlington community.
  • I pledge to tolerate the inconveniences of a maximum 14-day quarantine, and to seek assistance from friends, family, and/or the City of Burlington for needs that otherwise would cause me to leave my home.
  • I pledge that I understand we are all in this together and that I am being called upon to support an effort larger than providing for only myself that will help fight coronavirus, save lives, and help keep our local businesses operational.

Components of the Supportive Quarantine Pilot Program

Those who register will receive during the time of their quarantine the following support:

  • Daily check-in call from a City representative to determine whether the quarantined individual has emergent needs that must be addressed during the quarantine, including picking up medical prescriptions or groceries, assisting with unemployment insurance benefits, or helping in other ways when friends or family are unable to assist.
  • Information about and assistance in accessing available testing services
    • For UVM students, this would include testing offered by the State of Vermont through UVM.
    • Subject to State guidance in place at the time, a negative COVID-19 test on Day 7 of quarantine may eliminate the need for further quarantine.
  • Information on how to access the SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant) Alert System to relay quarantine information to the State.

Register for the Supportive Quarantine Program

To register for the City of Burlington's supportive quarantine program, please complete this form starting with your name. (You do not need to fill in the Description field.)