Covid 19

Legal FAQ's

I have a pending criminal court matter in Chittenden County, is my court date affected by the coronavirus? 

Vermont Courts are postponing most legal hearings until after April 15th. You also may get approved to attend your court hearing over the phone instead of going to the courthouse. If you want to check on the status of your case, contact your attorney or the criminal court directly at (802)651-1950. For additional information, please see: 

What about a Federal case? See this link for more info: 

I have an open case in Family Court, what happens now? 

Similar to Criminal Court, all hearings have been postponed. Exceptions to this rule being that Relief from Abuse (RFA) hearings are still held on Thursday mornings, and juvenile delinquency cases may be heard by the judge on a case by case basis. For more info, please contact your attorney or call the Family Court Division at (802)651-1709.  

*Please note that anyone planning on attending a hearing at the Chittenden County courthouse will be screened at the door for COVID-19 related symptoms- if you feel sick, stay home* 

What should Vermont parents know if they want to modify a custody or visitation order because they want to protect children from exposure to COVID-19? 

Please see VT Legal Aid’s website

My landlord filed for eviction, do I still need to respond to court notices if all of the courts are closed? 

Yes. As a general rule, court filing deadlines are still in effect during this crisis. If you get any court papers to be sure to respond in a timely manner.   

I have another legal question that is not included in this FAQ, where can I find support? 

Vermont Legal Aid will continue to assist clients with a range of legal concerns over the phone and online.

Legal Aid Helpline: 1-800-889-2047 

Important Numbers:  

  • Chittenden County’s Public Defenders Office (802) 863-6323 
  • Burlington Community Justice Center: (802) 865-7155
  • Burlington Police Department: (802) 658-2700