Covid 19

COVID-19 BTV Dashboard

COVID-19 Analytics Team

One of the first things we did when Burlington started responding to COVID-19 was identify a team of City employees with analytics capacity, and repurposed their time to create an analytics team. This team is now made up of 10 people, giving us the capacity to:

  • Analyze a large volume of information about COVID-19
  • Research and synthesize best practices from local efforts around the country
  • Track State and federal legislation
  • Plan for relief strategies and community resilience
  • Analyze data on activity, impacts, and response efforts

Below are some highlights of the Analytics Team's work that may be of interest to Burlington residents and other communities.

COVID-19 BTV Dashboard

The Analytics Team has developed a dashboard to synthesize key information about the impacts of the pandemic, aid local officials in data-driven decision-making, and to help inform residents about our local response efforts. The dashboard is intended to complement the important and timely information that is being shared by the State of Vermont, the City's Resource and Recovery Center, and other research being conducted by the Analytics Team.

Some key data is updated daily, such as charts reflecting COVID-19 cases as reported by the Vermont Dept. of Health, while others are updated less frequently as reporting is made available. Most data will be updated daily or weekly as applicable. 

View the City's COVID-19 Dashboard

Research Memos

The Analytics Team has prepared a number of research memos on issues related to COVID-19. They contain a review of actions, events, case studies, and/or data based on specific requests of and research by the team. The original audience for these documents was the Mayor and/or members of the City's Emergency Operations Center. These resources are being made available in the event that they are informative for Burlingtonians or other communities. 

View the Analytics Team Research Memos

The coronavirus pandemic, and local, state, and federal guidance/orders regarding the pandemic, are rapidly evolving. As such, the information in these documents is presumed to be accurate and reflective of the situation as of the date noted at the top of the document.

Analytics team members

The team is a collaboration of staff for multiple City departments, including: 

  • Belan Antensaye, Community Development Specialist, CEDO
  • Kayla Donohue, Community Data Insight Manager at United Way of Northwest Vermont & Epidemiologist at Burlington Police Department
  • Carolyn Felix, BTV Stat Analyst, Innovation & Technology
  • Jesse Freedman, Projects & Policy Specialist, CEDO
  • Ian Jakus, Projects & Policy Specialist, CEDO
  • Brian Lowe, City's Chief Innovation Officer
  • Barbara Shatara, Programming & Partnerships Librarian, Fletcher Free Library
  • Nancy Stetson, Crime Data Analyst, Burlington Police Department
  • Meagan Tuttle, Principal Planner, Office of City Planning
  • David White, Director, Office of City Planning