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Census 2020 BTV Counts!

Why Take the Census During COVID-19?

We understand that you, your family, friends, co-workers, and communities are dealing with many other challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. While our focus is to provide you with COVID-19 information, resources, and ideas through the Resource and Recovery Center to help you through these unprecedented times, we encourage you to spend a few minutes responding to the Census survey. A portion of Federal support associated with COVID-19 response and recovery will be connected to Census data and, therefore, we encourage you to complete the Census questionnaire to help your family and your community leverage more future funding. 

Why Take the Census At All?

By counting everyone in your household, your community will receive the funding and services it deserves. Based on Census results, the federal government will allocate millions of dollars to finance Burlington's schools, improve hospitals, restore parks, build roads, provide for families in need, and fund countless other valuable public resources. That’s why YOU count.

The Census is Safe

The Census does not ask for citizenship status. Under the law, your answers are confidential and cannot be released to any law enforcement or other government agencies. For more information on the protection of your response, Click Here.

Take the Census

The 2020 Census is now available to complete. To take the Census online, click the link below

Take the Census by Phone

To complete the Census over the phone, click here to find more information on how to respond 

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Census Jobs Opportunities

Click below to find resources on census job opportunities both nationally and within the state

Community Resources

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Census Outreach Partner Resources

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Calendar of Census 2020 Events

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