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Census 2020 BTV Counts!

The 2020 Census Updates

The 2020 Census data collection has come to a close as of October 15th. We thank the community for responding to the Census, as this will determine the financial future of our community for the next decade. A portion of Federal support associated with COVID-19 response and recovery will be connected to this Census data in future years. This data will allow us to continue and improve vital public resources such as schools, hospitals, parks, emergency services, family support programs and many more for years to come. 



2020 Census Updates

See updates on the results of the 2020 Census data collection here. 

Language Support

Taageero Luqadeed. Support linguistique. Ủng hộ ngôn ngữ. भाषा सहायता. دعم اللغة.


Community Resources

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Census Outreach Partner Resources

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