Census Outreach Agency Partner Resources

Vermont Complete Count Committee (CCC)

This website from the statewide committee has information on hard to reach populations and assisting with outreach efforts

BTV Counts! Complete Count Committee (CCC)

Click for more information on meeting minutes and to see current community outreach efforts in the greater Burlington area

Vermont Community Action Partners (VT CAPs)

Click below for more information on participating community partners within Vermont                                        

Census 2020 in Vermont

Additional information from the Center for Rural Studies through the Vermont State Data Center 

Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM)

This tool is available to municipalities to see response scores by location. These scores are based on the 2013- 2017 ACS 5-year estimates. 

Printable Materials

These materials are available for use to the public via the Census Bureau website. The purpose of these are to provide accurate information on the Census 2020 to be able to distribute to members within your community. For more outreach materials than the ones listed below, Click Here.  

Local Census Materials:

BTV Counts 11x17" Poster

BTV Counts Printable Postcards in English - 8x11" paper

Vietnamese BTV Counts Postcard 

Swahili BTV Counts Postcard

Somali BTV Counts Postcard

Nepali BTV Counts Postcard

French BTV Counts Postcard

Arabic BTV Counts Postcard

Karen BTV Counts Postcard


National Census Materials:

Census 101 - Basic facts about the Census

General FAQ - A one page flyer explaining the benefits and safety of the census

Census Data Confidentiality - Information on the protection of collected census data

Census Data Confidentiality Poster - A poster to advertise the safety of completing the census

2020 Census Safety and Security - One page flyer explaining the safety of taking the census 

Why We Ask - Explains the reason for each Census question

Census Benefits Poster - advertises the importance of taking the census  

How the 2020 Census will Invite Everyone to Respond  - Lists dates for the mailers as well as the many ways households can respond

The 2020 Census is Accessible to Everyone - A one page flyer explaining the ways the Census Bureau is making the census accessible to all

Counting for Dollars 2020 - The role of the decennial Census in the geographic distribution of funds in Vermont

Distribution of U.S. Funds - A simple overview of what federal programs the census determines funding to 

Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census - A flyer that explains how to handle certain living situations or counting newborns

Complete Count Committees - What they are and why they matter to each municipality

Partner Action Timeline - An infographic that explains the steps of community outreach by date

Spanish Census 101 - a translated version of the basic facts about the census