Assessor’s Office

Reappraisal Impact Tool

This calculator projects the impact of the citywide reassessment on your property. The City’s Charter requires that the citywide reappraisals be revenue neutral. Some property owners will pay more and some will pay less, however, the total revenue to the City will be the same following the reappraisal.

While your new property valuation may be higher than your prior valuation, it is important to understand that your property taxes will not change by the same ratio, because the new Fiscal Year 2022 property tax rate will be lower than the current rate. Using the City’s current tax rate and property tax calculator to estimate your Fiscal Year 2022 tax bills will result in an inaccurately high projection of the taxes you will owe.

This tool will not estimate your FY 22 taxes, as the State of Vermont will set the FY22 Education tax rate later this year. This tool will estimate what you would have owed in property taxes in Fiscal Year 2021 (your July 2020 tax bill), had the new valuation been in place. 

The City’s Property Tax Calculator will be updated in June 2021 when the final tax rates are set by the State Legislature and the Burlington City Council. 

This tool will only work for residential properties. This tool will not work for a commercial property.

What is the property’s appraised value? 
* To find this number, visit The newly assessed value is in the Appraised Value & Taxes section in the box labeled “Total Value.” 
Is this property a Homestead classified with the State of Vermont? What does this mean?
Yes - 100% Homestead
No - 100% Non-Homestead
No, Partial Homestead - A portion is used for Business and/or Rental use (This impact tool will not calculate this type of property)