Covid 19

Burlington Property Tax Relief Application

The City of Burlington recognizes that many property taxpayers are experiencing sudden, unexpected financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. The City has created this application to give such property taxpayers and business personal property taxpayers two additional months at no cost to adjust their finances to the emergency before any City property tax payment is due. Applicants accepted to this program by the City will not be responsible for any penalties or interest for payments on their June 12 bill up until the due date of August 12.


Applicants to the program are advised that at this time the only form of further relief is through the standard property tax abatement process. The City is currently exploring options for providing additional relief beyond August 12 and will have further updates on this matter well in advance of that. 


Please complete the form below no later than June 1, 2020 if you are unable to pay your June 12, 2020 tax payment due to unemployment/economic hardship as a result of COVID-19.  All applications are subject to approval by the City of Burlington.  


Please provide a phone number or email address

Are you currently enrolled in direct-debit for property taxes
Enter the property address as it appears on your tax bill
Enter your Parcel ID number as it appears on your property tax bill (located on the top-left corner of your tax bill, ex: 123-4-567.000), or visit to locate your Parcel ID
To qualify for property tax relief, you must meet at least one of the three qualifications outlined below. Select which scenario(s) applies to you. 80% AMI is defined as an annual household income of $51,350 for a household of 1, $58,700 for a household of 2, $66,050 for a household of 3, $73,350 for a household of 4, $79,250 for a household of 5, or $85,100 for a household of 6. Any taxpayer who is facing severe economic hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic who does not meet one of these criteria should make a request to the Resource and Recovery Center at 802-755-7239 or explaining their circumstances, and the request will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
If you have tenants on your property you must agree to the following terms and conditions under the pains and penalties of perjury to be eligible for relief: 1) not to charge penalties or interest on late rent or evict a tenant because of non-payment before all property taxes are paid up to date; 2) to inform tenants, in writing, of the new status and their inability to charge penalties or interest as well as evict tenants because of non-payment; 3) to be listed on a publicly available database so that tenants can view which properties have received property tax relief; and 4) to acknowledge that the City will post this information on the City website
I hereby certify that I am unable to pay my June 12, 2020 property tax payment because of the circumstances noted above and I request a waiver of penalties and interest. I understand that the waiver shall be effective from June 12, 2020 to August 12, 2020, at which time, unless further relief is made available, both the June 12 and August 12 tax installments must be paid in full, or penalties will start to accrue on any unpaid portion.