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Water Main Relining Project Starts Today on Pitkin

 Burlington Water Resources is excited to begin addressing the big challenge of our aging water main infrastructure through water main relining, starting today on Pitkin Street!

Sanexen Water has been contracted to rehabilitate water mains on a number of streets (Pitkin, Isham, lower King and Industrial Ave) this summer using their process known as Aqua-Pipe.    This is the first relining project in Burlington, however Sanexen has rehabilitated over 2.6 million feet of water mains in North America using this process. We are coordinating this work in advance of the street paving that will be done on these streets.

 This technology restores the structural capacity of our water mains, eliminates taste, odor and color problems in these rehabilitated pipes from corrosion, and is accomplished in a fraction of the time/street disruption compared to traditional open-dig replacement.  It uses an epoxy resin which is sandwiched between two layers of woven polyester liner similar to fire hose that is pulled through the cleaned water main, inflated and cured in place.  Aqua-Pipe is 100% compatible with drinking water.  It is tested and audited regularly by an independent public health and safety organization known as National Sanitation Foundation.  For more information, please visit

Work starts on Pitkin Street today (7/18/16), and then will move to Isham, lower King and Industrial Ave over the course of the summer. As communicated by the various door hanger notices received by Pitkin Street residents recently,  a temporary water service will be set up for homes that are serviced by the water main.  This temporary bypass and the water reconnection process once the main has been relined does rely on the cooperation of residents with Sanexen to properly close valves within the homes.  Residents with questions or who need assistance during this process should contact Sanexen directly at 1-866-943-1708 as they have staff who can assist with these steps.  

As always with water line work, there MAY BE occasional disruptions of water main sediments that could cause discolored water in the system on nearby streets.  Please click here for what to do if you experience discolored water.

 However, if there are any issues in working with Sanexen please do not hesitate to contact Water Resources Customer Service at 863-4501.

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