PROJECT BACKGROUND: Tank Rehabilitation Project


Starting last week, a contractor for the Department of Public Works (DPW) Water Resources Division began setting up staging structures for Phase II of our Tank Rehabilitation Project on our 500,000 gallon primary elevated water storage tank on UVM’s Campus.  This project began in 2019 to rehabilitate and protect this critical piece of water infrastructure which helps ensure sufficient water pressure is maintained in the higher elevation portions of the City.  In particular, this tank provides adequate pressure for the water service at the UVM Medical Center, Vermont’s only Level I Trauma Center.  Sandblasting with painting to follow is scheduled to begin the week of August 3rd.



This last phase of work at the Water Tank will involve sand blasting the various previous paint overcoats (the last one done in 2010) and the original primer from when the tank was built in 1954.  This phase of the project will involve full containment procedures (cabling and tenting). The entire tank will be covered in a containment system and the ventilation system will provide a negative pressure environment.  All exhaust dust is filtered through a HEPA system.  In order to protect the containment system and the tenting, work will only be conducted when winds are at a level that allow the tenting to be raised.  As such, residents may notice the tenting being raised and lowered at different intervals.


Sandblasting is currently scheduled to begin August 3 and the full sandblasting and subsequent paint recoating process is anticipated to take approximately 4 weeks, weather conditions permitting.  The sandblasting (the noisier process) should be completed within a narrower window, currently estimated to be 3 weeks or less.  Work (and the associated noise impacts) will occur M-F, for approximately an 8 hour period during the 7:00 am – 7:00 pm window in compliance with the City’s noise ordinance.  As necessary, weekend work may need to occur with the approval of the Director of Public Works.

During Phase I of the project, we heard from some residents about noise impacts related to the mechanical equipment staged at the base of the tank site.  We recognize more residents may be working from home currently. During Phase II, we are working with the contractor to implement cost-effective noise mitigation such at the use of quieter equipment than was used Phase I, though we anticipate there will still be noise related to the project. We thank you for your patience as we complete this important, timely project.


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