Mayor’s Office

Notice of November General Election Ballot Error

For Immediate Release

October 6, 2014
Contact:  CAO Bob Rusten, 802.865.7012


The Clerk/Treasurer’s Office, after receiving an inquiry from the Burlington Republican Committee, has determined that five Republican candidates for Justice of the Peace inadvertently were omitted from the November General Election ballot.  This error impacts all Wards/Districts.  The City of Burlington has arranged to have the ballots reprinted at a cost to the City of approximately $10,000.  The City has suspended early voting until corrected ballots are printed; we expect to have new ballots printed by early next week. 

The 422 early and absentee voters, who already have requested and been provided with ballots, will be provided with corrected ballots and information on re-voting, and the incorrect ballots, whether voted or not, will be rendered spoiled.  Those voters will have to complete the reprinted, corrected ballots for their votes to be counted.  Additionally, election machines will be reprogrammed to reject the incorrect ballots.

The Clerk/Treasurer’s Office carefully has reviewed the circumstances that led to our error, and steps will be taken to amend the manner in which candidates are placed on the ballot in an effort to prevent similar or other future mistakes.

“I am disappointed that, for the second time in two years, the City finds itself in the position of having to correct a ballot,” said Mayor Miro Weinberger.  “These avoidable and costly errors must end.  I have directed CAO Bob Rusten to submit to me within 30 days after the election a new set of procedures for ensuring the accuracy of all ballot language, including verification of candidate information with Burlington’s political parties in advance of ballot publication.”

The Clerk/Treasurer’s Office offers thanks to the Burlington Republican Committee for alerting the City to the error.  Additionally, the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office recognizes and apologizes for the problems our error has caused for the impacted voters and candidates and for the additional financial cost to the City.


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