Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement in Response to Shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center

Burlington, VT – Mayor Miro Weinberger released the following statement in response to the May 31, 2019 shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center:

“On Friday in Virginia Beach, 12 innocent Americans were murdered and four others were wounded in yet another shooting rampage. This mass shooting hits close to home, as nearly all the victims were municipal employees diligently working on a Friday afternoon to complete the tasks that keep a community prosperous and healthy. We mourn for these municipal colleagues and the contractor, wish the Virginia Beach community the strength needed to endure this terrible tragedy, and hope for full recoveries for the wounded.

“No other peer nation tolerates such mass killings from gun violence, and America must not either. The lack of any meaningful response from our federal government to these continued massacres is terrible and plain wrong. It must not continue. Gun safety must be a central issue every time voters go to the polls.”


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