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Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement about Future Use of Burlington College Land


November 25, 2014
Contact:  Mike Kanarick

Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement about Future Use of Burlington College Land

“The uncertainty regarding the future of the land currently owned by Burlington College has caused the City to review its goals and policies regarding the land.  In recent weeks, we have reviewed the City’s established policies – including a major report prepared by the City in November 2001 at the request of then-Mayor Peter Clavelle – that impact this important parcel, met with conservation stakeholders, Burlington College officials, and developer Eric Farrell, and considered the significance of promoting conservation, public use, and housing for Burlingtonians.  The City respects the need for Burlington College to address its financial issues and the agreement the college has in place with Mr. Farrell.  In the coming months, I am committed to working with the City’s conservation partners and Mr. Farrell and engaging the land use permitting process to realize a vision for the land that is guided by the following principles, most of which come directly from the 2001 Mayor Clavelle report:

  • Housing of all types should be incorporated into the development, including housing that will serve a range of income types and provide opportunity for both home ownership and rental opportunities;
  • A generous portion of the land should remain open space, and the open space should be open to the public;
  • The public should have access to the beach area and to the bike path through property in an similar to the current access
  • The entire waterfront area west of bike path should be maintained as public space;
  • Community gardens should continue to have a substantial presence on the property;
  • The bluffs directly east of the bike path should be protected from any construction and development;
  • Development should be sensitive to and protective of significant natural features, especially the path and tree-scape on the bluffs, including the rare pine-oak-heath sandplain forest at the Northwest corner of the property;
  • Neighborhood commercial/small business use that serves the local neighborhood should be encouraged through the development process;
  • Development of this property should enhance revitalization of Burlington’s Old North End, specifically commerce along North Avenue; and
  • Development should support alternative modes of transportation to minimize traffic impacts.”


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