Mayor Miro Weinberger March 13, 2014 Statement Regarding CCTA Negotiations


March 13, 2014
Contact:  Mike Kanarick

Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement Regarding CCTA Negotiations

“The continued inability of CCTA management and the bus drivers' Union to reach agreement on a fair contract is of great concern to me and many people in and around Burlington.  In the event of a bus service interruption, Burlingtonians will be impacted.  Many of the City’s school children will have difficulty getting to class, and individuals who rely on bus service to get to work and reach other Burlington destinations will face major transportation challenges.  

The harm that will result from a service interruption can still – and we hope will – be avoided.  I continue to call on both parties to do everything possible to avoid what would be an unfortunate outcome.  While the parties have been unable to reach agreement despite repeated negotiations over a long period of time, I am encouraged by the prospect that the parties may engage in binding arbitration.  This process is one the City of Burlington has used on occasion and is generally seen as a fair and substantive process for resolving contract disputes.  For the good of the thousands of people who rely on CCTA service, I urge acceptance of this binding arbitration proposal or for the parties to identify and agree to some other viable option to resolve this dispute, thereby avoiding a damaging interruption of bus service.”


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