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Construction Updates, Impacts & Clean Sweep Lights


We are thankful to all the NPA's, businesses, stakeholders and residents we have had the chance to communicate with about our municipal construction season - the second year of implementation of the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan. This year, we will be upgrading core infrastructure that serves all of Burlington: we have planned over 3 miles of water main upgrades, 3 or more miles of sidewalk reconstruction and 6 or more miles of paving and patching. These are significantly more than the historical average and will continue moving our infrastructure onto a sustainable and manageable schedule of repair, maintenance and replacement. We will be working hard to bring these upgrades and investments to you and your neighborhood.

Construction schedules are potentially impacted by weather and unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to communicate schedules, changes and disruptions to you ahead of time. See below for updates and projects commencing soon -- this is not a comprehensive list. For a map, or list, of all infrastructure projects planned in Burlington, please go to our portal here,

Thanks to you for your support and for your partnership on these important projects.

***Lower Downtown Update***

As you have likely noticed, water main contractors have mobilized and work has started. We are evaluating the traffic pattern and placing additional signage out to help commuters and residents. As a reminder (maps are available at

-Pine Street is one way northbound between Maple Street and Main Street. 
-Maple Street is local traffic only between Battery Street and St. Paul Street. 
-Battery Street is local traffic only south of King St. 
-This traffic pattern is expected to last until June. At that point, local traffic only may become more intermittent. Pine will no longer be one way only. St. Paul will then become one way southbound between Main and Maple.

Helpful tips: 
-Local traffic to businesses and residences can be accommodated. 
-Non-local traffic should seek an alternate route that avoids using Pine Street, when possible. 
-During rush hours, commuters are encouraged to use streets parallel to Pine Street such as Saint Paul Street and Willard Street.

***Paving & Water: Pine (Flynn-Kilburn), Plattsburgh Ave, Cherry St and Colchester Ave***

Pine Street (between Flynn and Kilburn) is scheduled for repaving shortly after asphalt plants reopen in a few weeks. Preparatory work may begin within the next 10 days. Pine Street (between Lakeside & Howard) will also have water main rehab done, following initial paving work. Most of this Pine corridor work will be coordinated and on-going from approximately late April until early August. Two way traffic will be maintained during most of this time.

Colchester Ave (between Barrett and Nash) is scheduled for water main replacement work, starting on or around April 23, and lasting approximately 4 months. This water main is extremely long at 1,800 feet and extremely old at 120+ years. This project will improve reliability and capacity and increase fire flows. Two way traffic will be maintained during most of this work. Periodic, planned disruptions of water service may occur and notifications will be sent out 24-72 hours ahead of time. You can read the letters property owners were sent here: There will also be paving work occurring between Barrett and East. In the event the contractor can mill that segment before water work starts, we may have them out prior to April 23. They would then come back in after the water project to add the final top course of pavement. If not, all of the paving work would occur after the water project.

Plattsburgh Avenue is scheduled for repaving of a large Northbound lane segment from North Ave to St. Francis cemetery in late April. Cherry Street is also scheduled for repaving from Battery to west of Church St in late April. Partial closures are possible. Property owners will receive more notification ahead of time.

Understandably, people are interested to hear about our sidewalk work this year! We have some limited sidewalk and curb work going on in the city right now and are finalizing the details of a more robust package of planned sidewalk work. You can always go to to see a map or list of sidewalks (and other infrastructure!) planned.

***Operation Clean Sweep*** is coming to Burlington April 25 May 4 2018. Beginning Thursday April 12, 2018 through Friday, May 4, 2018 all Entrance Maintenance Lights will be flashing in order to alert you that the City of Burlington will be sweeping soon. Thank you for helping keep Burlington a beautiful city.


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