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Burlington Telecom Receives High Marks in Customer Survey, Pledges Continued Improvement Efforts


June 4, 2015
Contact:  Gillian Wildfire


85% BT customer satisfaction v. 40% competitor customer satisfaction,
BT increases speeds in response to customer requests in survey

BURLINGTON, VT: Burlington Telecom, Burlington’s only 100% fiber-optic network, received high marks in its recent Internet Service Provider (ISP) Customer Satisfaction Survey, a survey for all Burlington residents who pay for home Internet services. The results indicated that 85% of BT customers are satisfied with their Internet service, compared to competitors’ 40% customer satisfaction in Burlington.

"Our goal and our focus is 100% customer satisfaction," said BT’s General Manager Stephen Barraclough. "We are pleased with our efforts to serve customers, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to improve, with an ultimate goal of reaching 100% satisfaction."

According to the recently released 2015 American Consumer Satisfaction Index Telecommunications and Information Report, the average satisfaction for ISP customers is 63%, and this figure is at the bottom of customer satisfaction rankings for over 40 different industries including airlines and health insurance.

Other findings include:

  • 87% customer satisfaction with BT’s Customer Service;
  • 24% of customers chose BT’s services after being recommended by a friend or family member; and
  • General impression of BT by non-BT customers saw a 10% “positive” increase over their 2014 impression.

BT customers also asked for improvements in the ISP Customer Satisfaction Survey, including faster Internet, lower prices, and improvement of technical issues. In response, BT has launched a promotion for new customers with increased Internet speeds at 150 Megabits for $55 a month and 1 Gigabit for as little as $70 a month. Current non-basic customers will see a transition to these Internet speeds over the next 12 months based on their current package. Additionally, BT is in the process of upgrading hardware across the city to ensure the best possible service.

The Burlington-wide survey was launched and completed in April 2015. It was distributed through Front Porch Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and to BT customer emails. A total of 474 ISP customers completed the statistically significant survey, with 366 BT customers and 108 competitors’ customers.


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