Burlington Police Data Portal

Data Files

Incident Data
Incident level data for 22 call types from 2012 through October 31, 2018. Variables include type of call, origin of call (Officer, Phone, etc), call time and street. It also includes an approximate latitude and longitude for mapping.
Traffic Tickets
Traffic enforcement data at the ticket and warning level, for 2012 through 2017. One traffic stop may incur multiple tickets. Variables include race, age and violation type, as well as data on whether a search was contucted. Latitude and longitude are also included.
Hate Crime
Hate crime offenses from 2012 through September 2018 including 28 misdemeanor offenses and 3 felony offenses.

Data can be downloaded by clicking links above, either as a text file (CSV) or an excel file (XLSX). Missing data is indicated by "NA". More datasets are forthcoming. If you have questions, please contact nstetson@bpdvt.org.
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