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Police Commission Meetings

The Burlington Police Commission meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The meetings take place at the Burlington Police Department at 6:00 PM. Thank you to the volunteers and organizations who record, post, and archive the meetings, including The Peace and Justice Center and The Center for Media & Democracy.

The Police Commission Meeting videos are archived here. You may also view the minutes and agendas on the Burlington Police Department Website.

Records Requests

Our records division is responsible for the management of reports, documents and information that come into the police department. This is a critical function because this information must not only be verified for accuracy, but must meet specific state and federal guidelines for eventual submission to the government.

The records division manages this function by the use of a sophisticated computer system that combines information from the various departmental divisions and units.

As for older crimes, the police department maintains these reports in an archive in accordance with the laws of the state of Vermont.

How to Obtain a Report
Reports can take between a few days and 45 days or more to be filed as the responders investigate the incident. If you cannot recall the name of the Officer who helped you, or you need a copy of the report, please contact our records division at (802) 540-2370 for information on the status of your report. You may use a written Records Request Form to submit a record request via mail. The most efficient way to make a request will most likely be via email.

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