Police Department

Open Data Sets


Excel and CSV files can be found below for police datasets. For more city data, please see the city's open data platform here.


Incident Data

Incident level data for all call types from 2012. Variables include type of call, origin of call (Officer, Phone, etc), call time and street. It also includes an approximate latitude and longitude for mapping, for all but the most sensitive types of calls. New: data now includes Ward, District and Type (severity). Data is updated approximately every month.




Arrests by charge and arrestee demographics since 2012. Includes date of arrest, gender, age and race of arrestee. NOTE: Each row represents one charge, not one arrest. A single arrest may include multiple charges.




Traffic Stops

Traffic stops from 2012 through 2019. There are 16 variables plus flags for traffic violation types. The data is described in more detail here. BPD's report on traffic stops is here



Use of Force

Use-of-Force incidents by subject from 2012 through 2018. Includes demographic data and flags for type of resistance and force used. A description of the variables can be found here. The 2019 report on use of force is posted here.  NOTE: Each row represents one subject of force, not one incident.



Arraignment and Bail Data

Case level data set on BPD cases arraigned since September, 2017 through May, 2019. There are 17 variables described in more detail here. BPD's report on the data is here



Hate Crime

Hate crime offenses from 2012 through November 2018 including 41 misdemeanor offenses and 3 felony offenses. Note: Data updated on 11/16/2018.


Data can be downloaded by clicking links above, either as a text file (CSV) or an excel file (XLSX). Missing data is indicated by "NA". More datasets are forthcoming. If you have questions, please contact nstetson@bpdvt.org.