City of Burlington, Vermont

City of Burlington, Vermont

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Operating and Procedural Bylaws

As Adopted on October 19, 1993

  1. Meeting Times:

    Meetings shall be scheduled on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Attendance of the members will be recorded by staff.

  2. Attendance Rule:

    Members unable to attend a meeting shall notify the Planning Office staff no later than the morning of the scheduled meeting.

    Absence of any member for more than three (3) consecutive or eight (8) total meetings over a period of one fiscal year will be cause for removal from the Board. The Chair and/or Board shall notify the City Council immediately, requesting the appropriate measures taken. Members will be advised by staff when two (2) consecutive or a total of four (4) absences have accumulated.

  3. Annual Work Plans:

    The Board and /or Historic Preservation Review Committee may choose at the beginning of each fiscal year to set a Work Plan to be accomplished by the Board and/or Committee, with the assistance of the planning staff. These Work Plans shall be reviewed periodically by the Board and/or Committee. Sub-committees for each group are encouraged to undertake respective tasks.

  4. Coordination with the Planning Commission:

    The Board shall schedule during each year, no less than one meeting with the Planning Commission to review work accomplished during the year, issues that the Board or Commission may have relating to the City's Master Plan goals and the status of the advisory role of the Board and improvements to process and communication between the two bodies. It is suggested that this interaction occur at the quarterly scheduled working meeting of the Planning Commission.

End of Design Advisory Board Bylaws