About Us

"The Department of Planning and Zoning works collaboratively with all members of our community to articulate a vision for the future of Burlington, and works to implement this vision creating a vibrant and sustainable community for the benefit of both current and future generations.”

The Department of Planning and Zoning’s 8-member staff administers two essential governmental functions:

In support of these responsibilities, our staff plays a key role in managing the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and the Application Management and Data Automation (AMANDA) permit system in collaboration with the City’s Information Technology Division. GIS allows users to analyze, view, and interpret information in a way that helps to identify spatial relationships and patterns, and prepare high quality maps. AMANDA is integral to managing several of the City's property information, permitting and code enforcement processes.

The Department’s work is guided by a 7-member Planning Commission appointed by the City Council. They formulate land use and development policy and regulations for consideration by the Council. Another 25 citizen volunteers participate in the planning process as members of the Development Review Board, Design Advisory Board and Conservation Board, playing key roles in implementing the City’s land use and development regulations.

Our Values for the Department and Ourselves

Endorsed by the Planning Staff: 22 September 2010

We are:

  • Dedicated … to Burlington’s long-term future and unlimited potential;
  • Comprehensive… in our consideration of complex problems and creative solutions;
  • Collaborative… in engaging diverse perspectives, cultures, and community needs;
  • Professional… in our technical skills, experience and judgment; and,
  • Respectful… to our customers and the integrity of the planning process.

We will:

  • Maintain a long-term commitment to Burlington’s unparalleled quality of life made possible by its economic vitality, environmental integrity, and design quality.
  • Work proactively to manage change and the growth of the city.
  • Be responsible stewards of Burlington’s natural history, built environment and social capital.
  • Work in partnership across and within governments, with private and non-profit groups, and with the citizens of Burlington.
  • Provide objective information and analysis to community leaders to support informed decision-making.
  • Educate decision-makers and citizens about current conditions and emerging trends affecting our community, as well as planning and development best-practices.
  • Administer regulatory programs with the highest integrity, and in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner.
  • Provide the highest quality service to our customers to help them understand and effectively navigate the permitting process.
  • Make the best use of current and emerging technology to carry out our responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.
  • Stay informed about progressive and innovative community planning techniques and practices.