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Vision Care

Did you know that having your regular eye exam is just as important as your regular preventative visit to your family physician?   It’s true, making sure your annual eye exam takes place each year can help diagnose problems early and improve your overall health.  Did you also know that the City of Burlington benefit program can help?  The City has three benefits that can help you with annual vision exams, glasses and contacts.

GISC/Cigna Vision Coverage

The City’s medical health insurance plan covers an annual vision exam at a co-pay of $15.  This co-pay covers only the regular eye exam once per calendar year for you and any dependents on the plan with you. 
The City’s plan does not cover materials such as glasses or contacts. To access this benefit you would need to visit a provider in the Cigna Network. 

Delta Dental

The City’s Dental plan offers a discounted rate for both eye exams and materials such as glasses and contacts.  Please note that the discount offered by Delta and the co-pay through GISC/Cigna cannot be used together.  
The Delta Dental EyeMed discount is generally offered at major retail outlets such as Pearl Vision and Sears. 

Flexible Spending Account

If you know that you will have expenses related to vision in the next calendar year, consider signing up for a Flexible Spending Account. Flex accounts allow you to set aside funds, pre-tax, from your paycheck each week, and use those funds to cover the cost medical expenses including your annual vision exam, glasses, contacts, and additional services that may not be covered by insurance.  Annual open enrollment for Flex Accounts occurs in December for a start date of January 1.

Coordinating the Benefits

Sometimes the GISC/Cigna providers covered under the plan, and the providers that accept the Delta Dental EyeMed discount are not the same.  Always check with your provider before your exam. If you go to your annual vision exam at your provider and you are prescribed glasses or contacts, ask your provider to provide you with the prescription so you can bring it to one of the retail stores covered under the discount program through Delta Dental  and have your prescription filled there at the discounted rate.  Check with your eye doctor first to be sure that his or her prices are not already discounted through their own in house programs!