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City of Burlington, Vermont

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Requesting Information about permits?

For questions concerning construction permit activity on a property, (i.e., application pending, historic, open, pending approval, awaiting payment, closed, etc.,) please contact DPW/ISD Customer Service directly at (802) 863-9094 x 3.   For all technical aspects on the construction details, please contact that inspector appointed to that discipline.

At all times during a project permits are required to be posted in full view and at the ready upon request by the inspector.  At the end of the project the inspector of that discipline will sign and date your copy of the permit as an indication the project is complete and have for your records.

Recycling Construction Materials in the State of Vermont   

Vermont – Act 175

Act 175 is Vermont’s construction & demolition waste management law, enacted to reduce waste from commercial development projects that would otherwise end up in landfills. The law requires certain generators of construction & demolition debris to separate specific materials (drywall, metal, asphalt shingles, clean wood, plywood, and OSB) for reuse or recycling. Reusing or recycling these materials is essential for LEED projects and in most cases will save you money, even in smaller quantities.

Does Act 175 apply to my project? 

Check any of the following that apply to you:

  • The project is in Chittenden County, or otherwise within 20 miles of a facility that will recycle C&D materials listed below.
  • The project is a commercial building OR is a residential building with two or more units.
  • The project will create any of the following C&D material leftovers: drywall, metal, asphalt shingles, clean wood, plywood, or oriented strand board (OSB).
  • The project will generate enough of the material listed above to fill a 40-cubic-yard container. (For example, a roll-off dumpster that is 6’10” high and 22 feet long.)

If you selected ALL of the above, then state law requires that you make sure those C&D materials are either reused or recycled. You cannot send them to a landfill.

For more and complete information concerning Act 175 Vermont's construction & demolition waste management law please visit the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) web site at

ASBESTOS & Lead Safe Practices

Asbestos inspection/removal requirements must apply to all demolition/renovation projects and Lead Safe Work Practice requirements need to apply to all pre-1978 housing maintenance/renovation projects in the City and State.

Asbestos & Lead-based Paint Removal Permits are required by the State Department of Health.  

The City of Burlington does not require permits, only the State Department of health.  State of Vermont – Department of Health regulations require inspection for the presence of asbestos and an abatement notification/permit for asbestos removal projects in the City and State.  In addition, a Notice of Intent to demolish is required for all demolition projects.  Lead Safe Work Practices are required where applicable and that includes State and Federal Lead Safe Renovation contracting entity certification and trained workers on each construction project site.  Please contact the State of Vermont Department of Health directly for information specific to Asbestos and Lead Safe Work Practice requirements at;