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How much does a PERMIT COST?

Three fees may be applied to any one permit: the minimum and standard permit fee, a recording fee, and an after the fact (ATF) fee. With regards to all construction permits; please make checks payable to DPW/ISD. The minimum and standard permit fee: All permits have a minimum permit fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars when the project costs for labor and material* is less than two thousand three hundred fifty-four ($2354.00) dollars. A calculation of $8.50 is applied to every thousand ($1000.00) dollars of estimated cost of construction (ECC) that exceeds the minimum cost. For example; $3000.00 x .00850 = $25.50, etc., which keeps increasing as the ECC increases. The exception to this rule is with regards to single-family home projects and their recording fees listed below. Recording fees: It is required to file permits and related documents in the City land records. A fee of $10.00 will be charged for each document attached to that project at the time you secure your permit, in addition to the permit fee. Example, all construction permits that are required (building, electrical, heating, plumbing, fire alarm, sprinkler, etc.) will have the minimum permit fee and an $10.00 recording fee. However, when a project requires a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), both the Building Permit and C of O will require the $10.00 fee for a total of twenty ($20.00) dollars in addition to the permit fee. After the Fact Fee (ATF): This fee is applied when work has started without reviews, approvals, or permits. The calculation applied is one percent of the ECC, which is added back on to the original your permit fee calculation. This fee is never less then thirty ($30.00) dollars, thus, raising the permit fee on a basic single-family home project from twenty-seven ($27.00) to fifty-seven ($57.00) dollars. *Note: ECC is based on all materials and all labor cost associated to that project, regardless of who purchased any part thereof.