How does a tenant's name get added to the Water bill?

Excellent question! Burlington City Ordinances (section 31-19) do allow an owner to add a tenant’s name to their bill but we hold the property owner responsible for any unpaid balances. The property owner's name will always remain on the bill with the tenant being added as a care of. This is because our claim to unpaid balances is secured by filing a tax lien on the actual real estate supplied with water (City Ordinance, section 31-20 a). Eligible accounts have individual water meters for the space being rented and receive a separate bill from us. For example, if a duplex is separately rented but only has one water meter then we do not allow a tenant’s name to be added. This is because that water meter is tracking the cumulative usage for both units and must stay in the property owner’s name.  However, if a duplex is separately meter then we are happy to allow tenants to receive the bill provided the appropriate form is filled out. 

The tenant agreement form must be filled out completely and signed by the property owner or their designee. We will reject any documents that do not comply.  Please review the form carefully as it contains vital information regarding this process. Again, tenants cannot fill out this form—only proper authorization will be accepted.  Property owners may authorize their property managers to do business for them by completing our property manager form.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a final reading service for tenants so when a lease ends we will only be able to calculate final consumption through our regular reading dates.  We read the first three business days of the month and many lease terminations do coincide with our regular read dates.  However, property owners or tenants are welcome to read the water meter themselves and call us with the information so we can calculate the final bill based on that information.  We strongly encourage property owners to check with us about any unpaid balances before giving back a security deposit as we do not pursue tenants for the balance.     

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