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How can I compost in Burlington?

SoilSaver compost bins can be purchased at from Green Mountain Compost at a subsidized rate. The SoilSaver bins measure 28" square by 30" tall and weigh 30 lbs. They are made of 50% recycled HDPE plastic and serve a household up to 5 people. SoilSaver bins are passive composters - you don't need to turn them, though occasional stirring is helpful. SoilSaver bins have large, locking lids and two sliding doors at the bottom that make loading and unloading fast and easy and make it difficult for critters to open. By composting, you can reduce the amount of trash you send to the landfill by about a third - that is an average of about 650 pounds per household! In addition to food scraps, you can also compost soiled paper such as paper towels and napkins. Click here for information to help you get started composting at home or to troubleshoot problems with your existing compost. For folks who are new to composting, or re-starting their compost piles, please know that help is always available for questions that arise by calling CSWD's hotline at 872-8111.