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Department of Public Works

planBTV Walk Bike: Progress Dashboard

As Burlington's first comprehensive plan devoted to improving pedestrian and bicycle conditions, planBTV Walk Bike creates a road map to help Burlington rapidly transform into a place where walking and biking are viable and enjoyable transportation options for people of all ages and abilities, all year round. 


    Highlights of planBTV Walk Bike Progress
    • New bike lanes on Austin Drive, Colchester Avenue, Ethan Allen Parkway, Flynn Avenue, North Avenue, Park Street, Pearl Street, Pine Street, Sherman Street, Winooski Avenue
    • Burlington's first protected bike lanes and Neighborhood Greenways 
    • Intersection improvements at 11 priority locations: Bank St / S Winooski Ave, College St / S Winooski Ave, Main St / S Winooski Ave, Main St / St Paul, Riverside Avenue sidepath crossings, Loomis St / N Prospect St, Pearl St / N Winooski Ave, Cherry St / S Winooski Ave, North St / N Winooski Ave, Barrett St / Colchester Ave,  Maple St / Battery St, Howard St / St Paul
    • Regulatory changes that allow people bicycling to cross signalized intersections using pedestrian signals

    2021 was a challenging year due to staffing post-COVID, but 2022 has some big projects in the works:

    • Intersection improvements at Main St / University Heights and Archibald St / Intervale Ave 
    • Increasing low-stress biking options with a 2-way protected bike lane on North Champlain St and a shared-use path on Mansfield Ave
    • Other projects are currently under consideration. Join discussions at the Burlington Walk Bike Council to learn more and influence which projects will advance if the capital infrastructure bond is approved.