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Winooski / Howard / St Paul Intersection Scoping Study



Demonstration Project Summary

PowerPoint Presentation from 6/27/2017 Meeting

Draft Alternatives Analysis Report

Existing Conditions Report



The City of Burlington has received funding through the VTrans Bicycle & Pedestrian Program to plan for and identify bicycle/pedestrian improvements for the intersection of South Winooski Avenue, Howard Street, and St. Paul Street. 

The goal of this scoping study is to identify and evaluate alternative improvements to improve the safety for people walking and bicycling, meet accessibility standards, and to foster the emerging neighborhood by supporting enhancements to pedestrian, bicycling and motorist travel.

The outcome of the Scoping Study process will be:

  • A full understanding of the existing conditions

  • A defined purpose and need for the improvements

  • A defined vision and goals for this intersection, with consideration for the City’s broad transportation vision and goals

  • Development of alternatives for long term improvements and include options for short-term improvements

  • Evaluation of alternatives to identify a preferred option

  • An inclusive public involvement process to ensure local input throughout the study

  • An assessment of historic, archeological and environmental constraints

  • Clear, written documentation of potential issues and overall feasibility

  • A complete preliminary cost estimate for further engineering, project administration and construction


July 2017 - Local Motion installed a demonstration project for the proposed curb extensions from July 26th to July 30th.  Feedback and comments from this demonstration project have been summarized and addressed here.

June 2017 - Community meeting for alternatives presentation was held on June 27th at 6:00 PM at ArtsRiot, 400 Pine Street.  Please find the Draft Alternatives Analysis Report which was presented at the meeting here.  Please find the Existing Conditions Report here.

February 2017 - RSG is summarizing existing conditions in a report that will be available in April. The next community meeting will be in early May, as we review alternatives to improve this intersection. 

November 2016 - On November 12 we held a public local concerns meeting at Potvin Park at the South Winooski, St Paul, and Howard Street intersection. Please find the meeting summary here.

October 2016 - A steering committee for the project has been created to help identify key stakeholder groups who should be engaged through all stages of the project.  The steering committee had a kickoff meeting that included a discussion of key elements in the public participation plan for the project.

September 2016 - RSG was selected as the engineering consultant through a competitive procurement process.

August 2016 - DPW publicly advertised a request for engineering proposals for a Scoping Study.

PROJECT MANAGER:  Dave Allerton P.E.


UPDATED: August 2017