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Department of Public Works

Rates, Fees and Affordability Programs Project

The Water Resources Division began a comprehensive effort in July 2019 to ensure that we have sustainable funding in order to maintain and enhance our high quality level of service.  This initiative concludes in June 2020 and we expect to have a plan that allows our robust operations and continued long term capital improvements to flourish.  We will be conducting enhanced financial planning, improving rate and fee structures to mitigate the impact of future rate increases on low volume residential customers and implementing affordability programs to assist economically disadvantaged ratepayers.  For more information about this project's scope of work, click here.

We need your feedback and engagement! 

Please consider attending a public meeting about this project, or viewing a recorded version of the presentations at the links provided below:

Current Project Schedule:

  • OUTREACH (March - April 2020)
    • March NPA Meetings
    • Ward 1/8 on 3/11/20 CANCELLED
    • Ward 5 on 3/19/20 @ 6:30 PM PRESENTATION RECORDED - SEE VIDEO LINK ABOVE! 
    • Ward 4/7 on 3/25/20 @ 7:00 PM PRESENTATION RECORDED - SEE VIDEO LINK ABOVE!  
    • Ward 6 on 4/2/20 @ 6:30 PM PRESENTATION RECORDED - SEE VIDEO LINK ABOVE!  
    • 3/18/20 - Public Works Commission
    • April (date TBD) Board of Finance & City Council
    • Direct meetings with key partners & large users
    • Targeted notification to customers with fire services, hydrants, & irrigation meters
  • ONGOING QA/QC (March - June 2020)
  • APPROVALS (April - June 2020)  **UPDATE: Approvals & Implementation have been delayed due to pandemic**
    • City Council vote on project specifics
    • City Council vote on FY21 Mayoral Budget & all City rates
  • IMPLEMENTATION (July - August 2020)
    • Changes take effect July 1, 2020
    • Will be reflected in bills mailed starting on August 19, 2020

Process Overview

Phase 1: Initial Public Engagement/Education (October 2019-December 2019)--COMPLETED!

In this phase, we had two goals: 1) to educate the public about what services the Water, Wastewater and Stormwater utilities provide the City and 2) orient rate payers to the suite of options under consideration with regard to achieving financial sustainability and rate payer affordability.  As part of this process, we wanted to confirm alignment with some of the guiding principles and strategies of our study, as well as, gather new ideas from our users about areas we hadn’t considered exploring.  We hosted an open house in October and visited all the NPAs in November. 

Phase 2: Develop Initial Options for Rate Structure, Fees and Affordability Program and Report to City Council (December 2019-March 2020)

In this phase we will hone in on and then recommend a number of options to the City Council for restructuring the rates, creating or updating certain fees (one time or specific to a certain user group) to recover certain costs and creating affordability programs to ensure that income disadvantaged ratepayers can continue to access clean water.  

Phase 3: Finalize Rate Structure, Fee and Affordability Programs Proposal (March 2020-April 2020)

Based on the outcome of Phase 2, the project team will recommend a final proposal for any new rate structures, fees and/or affordability measures to the Council for approval.