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Frequently Asked Questions about Burlington Water

The rate is $4.05 per 100 cubic feet for all users. For those customers with water only accounts, the rate is $4.13 per 100 CF.

Yes! Burlington water quality is among the top in the country. The water produced meets or exceeds all the federal and state drinking water standards. We have created a water quality report that summarizes the detectable contaminants and compares our results to Federal and State standards. For questions regarding water quality please call 863-4501 and ask to speak to one of our friendly Water Plant Operators.

One common reason for low pressure is galvanized pipes--either the service line to your home or interior plumbing pipes. You may request a free estimate for a new service line by calling 865-7265. Otherwise, you may consider that the valve on your meter has been bumped which would reduce the water coming into the home or you may need to adjust your pressure reducing valve, if the property has one.

Burlington is fortunate to have such a quality source in Lake Champlain. Water is pumped from over 4,000 feet off shore at a depth of over 40 feet and then processed at the Water Treatment Plant.

The most common reason is because of a leak. Other reasons could be time of year (summer watering), the number of days in the billing cycle or the number of people in your household. Most of the readings in the city are taken automatically so there is little chance of a reading error. Even if a customer doesn't think they have a leak we ask that you check the meter typically located in the basement. With no water being used in the house check the face of the meter and look for the small red triangle. If it is turning then there is a leak, i.e., toilet, faucet, hot water heater, outside faucet.

If a bill is paid after the due date there is an interest charge of 1% per month on the past due balance.

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