Water Main Replacement Project

In 2018 we will be working with two contractors to complete open dig replacement of water mains on the following streets.  These are streets that were not eligible for water main relining due to the need to increase the size of the water main. Tentative schedules are provided and the dates will be updated as work proceeds.

  • Maple Street (Pine Street to Battery Street) - April to June
    • Click here for outreach material and project details
  • Colchester Avenue (Barrett Street to Nash Place) - April to August
    • Click here for a letter to property owners
    • Click here for a letter about water service and sewer lateral work also sent to property owners.
  • Ethan Allen Parkway (Lopes Ave to North Ave) - June to August during school break
    • Click here for a letter to property owners
  • Church Street (Maple Street to Adams Street) - August to September
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  • Latham CourtJune to August
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  • Birch Court, Cayuga Court, Dorset Lane - July to September
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  • Ferguson Avenue (Pine Street to Shelburne Road) - August to October
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While there will be some traffic pattern changes on all the streets, traffic impacts will be most substantial on Colchester Ave and Maple Street.  More details will be provided prior to the start dates of those projects. 

On all streets other than Birch Court, Maple Street and Latham Court, a new water line will be constructed parallel to the old water main.  Properties will be served by the old water main throughout the duration of construction.  Once the new main is in place, pressure tested and disinfected, services will be disconnected from the old water main and connected to the new water main. There may be periodic short disruptions of water service over the duration of the project during certain tie in periods and then a short duration disruption (~2 hours) on the day of connection.

Becuase of space constraints on Birch Court, Latham Court and Maple Street which require the new main to be in the same location (or very close to) the old main, properties will be put on a  temporary (and partially above ground) water supply on these streets and then will be connected to the new main once it is installed and tested.

Property owners will be receiving a letter to provide them notice of the project on their particular street.

Additionally, properties will receive at least 24 hours notice prior to any planned service disruptions.  During construction on your street, please keep an eye out for door hanger notices.