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Frequently Asked Questions about Burlington Wastewater

Burlington has three wastewater plants that treat raw sewage and they are located on Riverside Avenue, North Avenue Extension and Lavalley Lane.  We treat domestic and industrial sewage to levels that ensure public health and the biological integrity of the waters that receive discharges from these facilities.  The end product is highly treated water which must meet stringent federal standards.

Burlington is also unique in that stormwater for much of the City is collected and treated at the Main Plant on Lavalley Lane prior to discharge into Lake Champlain.  For more information regarding stormwater please visit our Stormwater page.

If you are experiencing a sewer back up in your home, please call the Street Division at 863-9094 to report a possible sewer line plug.  They will investigate the sewer main closest to your home and verify that it is clear, if it is plugged they will fix it immediately.  If the City's main is clear then you would need to contact a private business to snake your sewer lateral and any interior pipes, at your own expense.

The rate is $5.55 per 100 cubic feet for all users.

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