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Department of Public Works

Integrated Water Quality Planning: Municipal Stormwater and Wastewater



The City of Burlington faces a number of Clean Water Act (CWA) obligations such as complying with the Lake Champlain TMDL and its associated wastewater and stormwater upgrade requirements, complying with the Stormwater Flow TMDLs (Centennial Brook, Englesby Brook, Potash Brook), complying with the Bacteria TMDL in Englesby Brook and reducing the frequency of Combined Sewer Overflows, as well as addressing issues such as combined sewer back-ups into basements and street flooding.  The City also has miles and miles of aging Wastewater and Stormwater pipe infrastructure which is reaching the end of its functional life.

Integrated SW/WW planning is mechanism that EPA has been promoting which allows communities with numerous Clean Water Act obligations to:

  1.   Examine all of these obligations as a whole
  2.   Identify the community's relative priorities for addressing human health and water quality improvements (and what tools will used preferentially, such as green infrastructure), and then
  3.  Address these priorities through appropriate sequencing and scheduling of work based on implementing the projects with the highest cost benefit (including non-water quality related benefits) first.

 See the June 5, 2012 EPA memo on the “Integrated Municipal Stormwater and Wastewater Planning Approach Framework

The process also provides for a financial capability analysis (see HERE for latest EPA memo on financial capability assessments in which we evaluate what a sustainable level of spending is for these projects which can then feed into discussions and permitting that may allow for longer compliance schedules than those typically dictated in State permits.  

The City of Burlington’s proposal was one of 5 selected for funding out of 28 proposals submitted from communities across the U.S.  The EPA is providing us with $67,000 worth of an EPA contractor’s (Tetra Tech) services to support our proposed scope of work.  

The City and Tetra Tech have finalized the work plan for the project.  While the EPA grant is not able to help the City pursue the financial capability assessment, the City will be working to address that need on its own as we learn more about what our potential implementation costs might be.

Project Results:

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