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Department of Public Works

Past Projects






2020 Old North End Bikeway Connectivity, Pedestrian Safety, and Stormwater Management
2020 Lake St Drainage & Sidewalk Feasibility Study
2020 Winooski Ave Corridor Study + Appendices
2019 Winooski River Bridge Scoping
2019 Colchester Avenue / Riverside Avenue / Barrett Street / Mill Street Scoping
2018 Intervale Road Bicycle & Pedestrian Access Feasibility Study and Appendices
2018 Howard Street / Winooski Avenue / St. Paul Street Intersection Scoping Study
2017 Winooski River Bike Ped Bridge Feasibility 
2017 Old North End Greenway Feasibility for planBTV Walk Bike
2017 Main Street Bikeway Scoping for planBTV Walk Bike
2017 PlanBTV Walk Bike and Appendix
2016 Winooski Avenue Circulation Study
2015 Residential Parking Management Plan and Appendices
2015 North Avenue Corridor Study and Appendices
2015 Downtown Pearl Street Study
2014 Prospect Street / Colchester Avenue / Pearl Street Intersection Scoping Study
2014 Bike Path Intersection Crossings Scoping Study
2013 Champlain Elementary School Safe Routes Feasibility Study and Appendices
2011 Archibald Street / North Winooski Avenue Intersection Scoping
2011 Colchester Avenue Corridor Study and Appendices
2011 Burlington Transportation Plan and Street Design Guidelines (other Appendices available here)
2011 Downtown Transportation & Parking Study 
2011 Enhanced Transit Services Briefing Report 
2010 Waterfront South Access Report
2009 Waterfront North Access Scoping Study
2008 Cliff Street Mobility Study and Appendices
2008 Queen City Park Road Bridge Scoping Study and Appendices
2005 North Avenue / Rt 127 Intersection Scoping
2004 Waterfront Transportation Plan
2002 North/South Bicycle & Pedestrian Route Study
2000 Union St / Winooski Ave Downtown One Way Pair Circulation